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Hardware system is one of the most important elements of which largely depends on the proper functioning of window. As in the case of profile systems for the production of our windows we use the German producer of fittings Winkhaus. High quality and durability of the products of this brand is a confirmation of German precision and robustness. Durability backed certificates are the basis for safe operation of the product on which you can save. The windows of large size in which the thick glass used to reach very high importance. We use Winkhaus fittings are also suitable when large weight windows, and their daily use does not compromise safety.

In our windows we use the following types of hardware:
  • rozwierne
  • uchylne
  • rozwierno - uchylne
  • przesówno - uchylne

Recommended solutions WINKHAUS

fittings activPilot Concept

One of the latest solutions in the woodwork of the window is an innovative hardware Winkhaus activPilot Concept with safe ventilation design - regardless of prevailing weather outside the window.

To reigned healthy indoor climate, it is essential to their regular airing. However, leaving the window ajar during our absence from home, we run the great risk. The potential burglar is an easier task, and for that the heavy rain we have to reckon with the danger of flooding sills and walls with rainwater. It's too high a price for the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air after returning home. However, there is a way! Innovative Concept fitting activPilot Winkhaus provides a healthy circulation of air in the interior of our house, while protecting a large extent against hacking, flooding, and other surprises.

During this ventilation does not reach the cooling of the interior, and energy losses are considerably smaller than in the case of a window repealed. Studies have shown that during weathering through the open window - at an outdoor temperature 0 ° C - 10 minutes will decrease in temperature by about 2 degrees C, while during the airing slot that provides Winkhaus activPilot Concept - the temperature drops only by about 0.5 deg C.